Waterloo Series


The Mental Health Dialogue (November 2016)


Register here: goo.gl/tJ8Dxi

Mental Health is a pressing topic around the world and Waterloo’s community is no exception. The number of people hurting or having minimal access to support in our community is one of the city’s most well kept secrets. It has been deemed a crisis and we need to not only start the conversation but keep the conversation alive. In a city and community that is relentlessly advancing and seeing so much success, the success also often comes with spurs of anxiety, stress and pressure which if not addressed can impact the community negatively.

Check out the Facebook page for more information: http://bit.ly/2dYVUas


The Gender Equity Dialogue (March 2016)

The first of a growing wave of engaged dialogues across the globe was held in Waterloo, Ontario. The Gender Equity Dialogue (Waterloo Series) starts the conversation alongside thought leaders who are working hard and smart to address pressing gender equity issues.There is more to learn when you have meaningful exchanges in knowledge/perspectives and this is why we believe inclusive conversation is so powerful.